The History of Tre Caci

The Resturant Tre Caci, born on Settimello (Calenzano) in 1969.

They set out then only the typical dishes of Tuscan tradition, as the "Ribollita", the "Trailed Pasta", the "Mushrooms", the "Truffle" and of course the "Bistecca alla Fiorentina".
The charcoal grill and the old wood stove still make it gustus our dishes, enhanced by the distinctive flavor that only this type of cooking can give. Great results are obtained with the roast fish, become part of our tradition for over twenty years.

They are cooked sea bass, sea bream, turbot, shellfish and all that is best in the morning markets.

The quality of raw material and the experience of nearly forty years of work are our guarantee.

You just have to come and visit us!

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